[Master-activities] Trip to The Hague

Mastercommittee mastercie at A-Eskwadraat.nl
Wed Jan 12 16:52:02 CET 2011

Dear Master's Students,

We're going to The Hague! Although Utrecht - of course - has
everything a student could wish for, there is more to see in Holland!
To show you, the ExcurCie and MasterCie invite you to come and explore
The Hague with us!

- What will we do?
We'll leave Utrecht at 12.00 and arrive at The Hague around 13.00. In
The Hague, we'll go to the famous Escher Museum
(http://www.escherinhetpaleis.nl/), and visit
Madurodam (http://www.madurodam.nl/?lang=1). Those who don't want the
day to end can join us as we'll travel to Scheveningen around 17:30,
to get a bite to eat.
- Where?
We'll meet at 12.00 underneath the huge, blue 'departures/arrivals'
screen at Utrecht Central Station and then take the train to The Hague. 
Don't be late!
- When?
Thursday January 20, starting at 12.00 at Utrehcht Central Station. The 
program ends around 17:30,but you're welcome to join us in Scheveningen to get 
something to eat!
- Costs?
Tickets for this trip cost 12 euros and provide access to both the
Escher Musem and Madurodam. These tickets have to be bought in
advance! Transportation and (the optional) dinner in Scheveningen are
not included in this price.
- Where can I buy my ticket?
You have to buy your ticket to the Escher Museum and Madurodan in
advance. To do so, go to the 'Boekverkoop' of a-eskwadraat, located in
the BBL building, second floor, room 238. The boekverkoop is open
every day from 11.30 till 1330.

We hope to see you then!
The MasterCie & ExcurCie

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