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Thu Nov 17 14:25:15 CET 2011

Dear Master Students,

You might already have heard about A-Eskwadraat, but if you have not then
this is the right mailing for you! If, however, you have already heard
about A-Eskwadraat you still will like to continue reading, but just skip
over the parts that you already know about. A-Eskwadraat is the students
association for all students of Information Sciences, Computer Sciences,
Physics & Astronomy and Mathematics at Utrecht University. A-Eskwadraat
organizes all kinds of activities for these students, for example
colloquia, game nights, excursions and of course parties. But A-Eskwadraat
also has a Masters Committee, designing and implementing all kinds of
activities specifically geared towards you, a Masters student.
Last year we went ice skating, hosted an international cooking night, went
high tea-ing in the park, amongst others. This year will of course be at
least as awesome as last year, especially if you join us on one or more of
the following activities:

-Painting Wooden Clogs, tuesday November 22nd 5-7pm, at BBL165
If you spend some time studying in the Netherlands, then how can you leave
without one of the most (stereo)typically Dutch items, a wooden clog? That'
s why we, the Masters committee, are going to supply you with a blank
wooden clog and some paint, so that you can have your own custom clog! The
entrance fee will be small (2 euros) and in return for it you will get
your own wooden clog! Even if you're "just" a Dutch Masters student this is
an opportunity you can not miss.

-Open Podium, tuesday December 13th approx. 5-8pm
The "Open Podium" is an evening where people with hobbies and/or skills
climb up on a stage and show you their skills. In past editions we have had
music, singing, drama, dancing, and then some more. The best part about it
is that you can perform something as well! To do so, you just have to
subscribe at the website, see:
If you do not want to perform, you can also just be in the Minaert
"Bovenkantine" at the thirteenth of december, 5pm, drink a beer and watch
other people perform. The best part of it is that this is an activity for
all students of A-Eskwadraat, so you can expect a wild variety of shows.

-A-Eskwadraat membership
I am sure that by now you must already be eager to join A-Eskwadraat, but
you can find even more reasons to join on the website at:
Most notable are the facts that the membership fee for Master students is
only 10 euros and that you get a discount when you order books at
A-Eskwadraat. Besides that, you also get a "borrelkaart", worth 5 euros of
drinks, when you become a member.

Hope to see you around at one of our activites!
The Masters Committee

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