[phpBB] svn: r30 - trunk/phpbb2

jeroen at wolffelaar.nl jeroen at wolffelaar.nl
Wed Feb 4 18:15:02 CET 2004

Author: jeroen
Date: 2004-02-04 18:14:30 +0100 (Wed, 04 Feb 2004)
New Revision: 30

Updated README.Debian to cover correctly current autoconfiguration

Modified: trunk/phpbb2/README.Debian
--- trunk/phpbb2/README.Debian	2004-02-04 12:21:18 UTC (rev 29)
+++ trunk/phpbb2/README.Debian	2004-02-04 17:14:30 UTC (rev 30)
@@ -8,25 +8,35 @@
 ****** Configuring
-In order for phpBB to work, you need two things:
+In order for phpBB to work, you need three things:
 1) A database with the correct tables set up
 2) A correctly configured webserver
+3) Edit your site-specific parameters in the board config
-This is a short pointwise HOWTO:
+Steps 1 and 3 can be done automatically upon installing. The configuration
+will be saved in /etc/phpbb2
+This is a short pointwise howto for step 1, in case you want to it yourself
+(or want to do it on a non-standard way)
 - login to your Databaserver (running MySQL or PostgreSQL) as the database
   administrator (normally root)
-- create a database 'phpbb'
+- create a database 'phpbb2'
 - execute the create table commands from /usr/share/doc/phpbb2/database.sql
-- create a user 'phpbb' with random password, and give it
+- create a user 'phpbb2' with random password, and give it
   SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE rights for the phpbb database (rights to
   alter the tables is not needed)
 - Add the correct server-details and user-credentials in
-The webserver will be configured automatically at http(s)://yourserver/phpbb
+For the webserver, the php files are in /usr/share/phpbb2, use the apache
+config snippet in /etc/phpbb2/apache.conf if you have an apache flavour
+webserver. Upon installation of phpbb2, it is offered to add a symlink in
+/etc/apache*/conf.d to /etc/phpbb2/apache.conf
+Don't forget to reload the webserver config after installation of phpbb2!
 ****** (re)gaining control of phpbb as administrator
 Just look into the database for now and change your own account to become

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