[phpBB] Making an upload (was: Re: Bug#586759: fails to install)

Thijs Kinkhorst thijs at debian.org
Tue Jul 27 22:50:19 CEST 2010

On snein 27 Juny 2010, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> > However, in this case, I wonder why dbconfig-common failed -- there
> > should be a question if it is supposed to be used at all for that
> > package, which probably is what the bug reporter intended to (not) do,
> > and if properly answered with "No" it would not have been used and
> > therefore not have produced any errors -- not sure how piuparts
> > handles the part of configuring the package for test.
> Actually, it seems that the issue is that Holger is using a
> non-interactive  install, and that in such a case (in my opinion)
> dbconfig-common should default to "No" on the question on whether to use
> dbconfig-common.
> This is another case of #542381 if you ask me. However, that bug is claimed
> to  be fixed in the version that Holger used. More investigation needed.

OK, we still need to do something about this. Perhaps it's indeed better to 
upload what we have now to unstable, and research the potential bug in 
dbconfig-common in the meantime. Objections?

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