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J.M.Roth jmroth at iip.lu
Tue Mar 9 18:19:43 CET 2010

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On 3/9/2010 4:19 PM, David Prévot wrote:
> Hi,
> I just began to update phpbb3 (to the last upstream release), and plan
> to work on the multiboard integration.

Ok, I had already patched that (see patches/011_multisite.diff in
SVN/trunk from today).
Doing a find/replace in the diff will make change the variable name
easy. I called it url_forum, as you suggested. Notwithstanding the name
of the variable, it seems discussion rather needs to go in the direction
of what it should actually contain.
As you mentioned,
are actually two different URLs. So url_forum might not be that bad.

E.g. Drupal uses the concept of "sites". So one could recommend to the
people out there to simply use any string that UNIQUELY identifies their
site (here: forum) e.g. using the URL (but we would have to check for
and  translate special characters like slashes and colons and stuff,
otherwise there will be a mess).
In the above example, in Drupal I would have to call the sites
forum.example.tld.forum1 and forum.example.tld.forum2, respectively.

I was also wondering whether dbconfig has some concept of multi-site,
but I don't think so. Anybody with strong insight into dbconfig, please

> Is there any reason why the translations are not package anymore ? 
> If
> not, I plan to work on that too (and integrate the debian swirl in the
> php logo as it used to be in phpbb2).

That would be cool.

In any case phpbb3 seems to have been rushed out because only 1/3
databases it should support actually works ;-) (#504419, #573051). I
worked on that already a little. Or should we just support mysql in the

Au revoir,
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