[phpBB] Squeeze released and new upstream release

jm at roth.lu jm at roth.lu
Sun Mar 6 22:14:37 CET 2011


On 06-Mar-11 21:13, David Prévot wrote:
> Sorry for not being available lately.
Not much different here... not sure if that will change.
> Since Squeeze is released, I'll push our last WIP version to a squeeze
> branch in order to apply correctly the #612477 [CVE-2011-0544] security
> fix (via a security update, or even a stable point release). 
Security update might be better as it would be faster I guess. Certainly
more along the lines of what the community expects.
> As advised
> by Paul [1], we also need to offer a way to fix existing posts [2], for
> each board in case of multiboard usage...
I guess more than a README would be overkill.
I'd have to check what the actual upstream update does though.
I believe that there is the possibility of informing root at localhost of
important things to do with a package update.
(I remember receiving such notices myself) Just don't remember how to
trigger that.
> We might also fix some important bug as #599480 (via a stable point
> release). 
Yep, that one would have to go into the point release indeed.
> Jean-Marc, your last proposition [3] seems like a good idea,
> but I'm afraid that $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] might offer the same name,
> whatever the board is (in multiboard usage).
I guess I might also have meant $_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"] ...


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